1.    A MANDATORY COVID 19 screening checklist will been sent to you in a separate email. There will be a secure "link" to the screening form in the email, when you click on the link it will open the form. It is safe for you to enter your information into this short form, and when you hit "submit" it will be automatically submitted to our office. There is no need to print the form.

  • Please complete this form at least a day prior to your booked appointment. If it is not submitted 24hrs in advance, we will have to reach you by phone to complete it and this will be challenging for us to manage. SO PLEASE SUBMIT THEM!
  • If your screening status changes between the time you complete the form and the time of your appointment please contact the office. 

2.    Please arrive to your appointment on time, but not early! We will do our best to be on time as well, but please plan for possible delays. We will be doing our best to provide essential care to all in need when there are many new requirements for us to follow!

3.    Attend the visit ALONE unless caregiver support is required. Our office must be notified about caregivers in advance because we are required to complete the COVID 19 Screening with them as well. 

4.    You are required to wear a mask or face covering at all times in the office. Notify us in advance if you do not have access to a mask or face covering. 

5.     Stop at the entry of our office, apply the hand sanitizer provided, read the signage. You are asked to complete the screening tool AGAIN at this time. Large signs are posted to guide you!!

6.     Provide payments with credit card or debit. "Tap" is preferred.